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Table Tennis Hacker

I've started up a new table tennis site at Table Tennis Hacker.

This is a conversational video site where I discuss anything about ping pong that I feel like chatting about.

Come over and check it out!


What's Happening at GTTP

VicTeam 2008AusOpen03

GTTP On Hold

Last week I was busy doing some coaching at the Australian Junior Championships, and this week I've been making some plans regarding training programs.

Next week I'll be in Canberra competing at the Australian Veterans, so you won't see any updates until I get back to Perth. You can catch up with what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks on my What's Happening at GTTP page.

Greg's Table Tennis Guide

You may have noticed a new menu appearing in the right hand sidebar. This is the starting framework of Greg's Table Tennis Guide, which I currently intend to be a sort of online encyclopedia of table tennis, all in one convenient location. Of course, I won't be pretending that I'm able to comment in detail about the professional level of play (which is out of my league), but I'll attempt to cover as much of the rest of the sport as one person can.

Of course, this sort of project is pretty massive, so I won't be attempting to complete in a week, a month, or even a year. I think it will be more of an ongoing thing. Kind of like what I was doing at About.com, but hopefully better organized and easier to follow.

Greg's Online Coaching Program

I'm currently debating over the future of my online coaching program. Now that I'm going to have more time, I'd like to get back into that side of things, but I think I might open up the doors to all styles of play, rather than just the long pip and antispin users. You can read more about what I'm considering in my What's Happening at GTTP page.


What's Happening at GTTP

  • Greg's Table Tennis Guide
  • Public Forum

New Forum!

2008AusOpenFriday 449

Join the Discussion

In recent years, I have been using a private forum that was only available to my Online Coaching Group members. As part of the GTTP site update, I decided to change my forum software over to something that is better supported. At the same time, I thought it might be nice to throw open the doors of the forum, allowing anybody to read what's happening and join in themselves. You can follow along with the questions asked by my coaching group members, and read any written replies from me or other forum members.

Free to Join

No joining fee, just register using the login form on the GTTP Home Page or at the top of the forum, and you'll have instant access.

Full Access to the Forum

There's no private sections to the forum, everybody has equal access. One proviso, only my coaching group members get access to the video answers I give them - that's part of the perks of being a coaching group member.

Ask Greg Questions

I'll do my best to answer your questions in the forum. I'll probably even shoot a video to answer a question now and then!