This is my collection of Table Tennis articles, including articles about some of the less discussed aspects of the sport, articles on table tennis tips and tactics, and discussions of equipment, coaching, training, match play and umpiring.


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General Articles



Reader's Tips

Helpful hints from the readers of Greg's Table Tennis Pages

Warmup Worries for Combination Bat Players

Combination bat players on trial - what's the verdict?

Table Tennis Styles - Where are They Now?

A plan to bring back the 'forgotten' styles from extinction

Are You a Good Sport?

A look at why so many players dislike each other, and some suggestions on how to improve player relations

What is Talent?

And does it matter?

Overcoming Problems

Shhhh..... It Happens to all of us eventually.

Imported Players - Kill or Cure?

Are the Chinese taking over?

What makes a Champion?

How do you judge greatness?

Australian Table Tennis Profile

What's up Down Under

Spectator Etiquette

Do's and Don'ts while watching the pings and pongs.

Forum Etiquette

Has your forum gone up in flames?

Physics & Maths in Table Tennis

A different set of Laws for Table Tennis - contributed by Jonathan Roberts


Greg's Guides

Guide to Speed Glue

How do you do that vodoo when you reglue?

Part 1 - Overview, Advantages and Disadvantages

What's it all about then?

Part 2 - Should You Speed Glue?

Not if you are playing against me!

Part 3 - How to Speed Glue

One layer or two?

How to Improve Your Serve

Theory and Videos

Let's start at the beginning ...

Service with a smile...

How Stuff Really Works The Real Deal in a Nutshell
How Long Pips Really Work Brief and to the point!
How Antispin Really Works Ditto

How to play with Long Pimpled Rubbers

The complete guide to Long Pimples according to me

Part 1 - Should you be using long pimples?

Are you using the right rubber for the wrong reasons?

Part 2 - Which style to use?

Are you using the right stuff the wrong way?

Part 3 - Which long pimples for your style?

Are you using the wrong stuff the right way?

Part 4 - The Art of Twiddling

Can you get too much of a good thing?

Part 5 - Tactics

How to get the best out of your long pimples, and the worst out of your opponents!

Why do long pimples 'wobble'?

And how to make them do it more often!

Tips for Using Frictionless Long Pimples

Some polite suggestions to users of Dr. Nebauer rubbers

How to play against "Junk" Rubbers

The other side of the bat... err, coin

How to play against Anti-Spin Rubbers

A lengthy explanation of what is going on and how to handle it

How to play against Long Pimpled Rubbers

Ditto, but for long pimples

How to play with ...

Information for those minority groups out there

How to play with Antispin Rubbers

Being positive about anti

How to play with Short Pimpled Rubbers

Or playing with vertically challenged pips, for those of you who are politically correct


Equipment Articles 

Choosing a Table Tennis Table

Greg's Guide to choosing a trusty table tennis table

Choosing a Table Tennis Blade

Picking the perfect ping pong paddle

Choosing your Table Tennis Rubbers

Selecting spinny, slick, speedy or slow surfaces and sponge ... seriously!

Butterfly Amicus 3000 Table Tennis Robot - Review

Rage against the machine all you want - it doesn't care!

XuShaoFa Table Tennis Robot - Review

A readers review

Choosing your Table Tennis Balls

Are your balls all they are cracked up to be?

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit Blade - A Review

Greg takes a look at Timo's weapon of choice ...

Long Pimples and Effects of Sponge Thicknesses

Does it make a difference how thick you are?

Killerspin Fortissimo Rubber - Review Say it loud, say it proud...


 Match Play Articles

Choking - and how to avoid it

Nerves got you in a noose?

Mental Toughness

Have you got what it takes?

Scouting Your Opponents

What does your opposition bring to the table?

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

A prequel to the Apply Your Strengths article - a bit like the Star Wars prequels but without the suckiness (I hope!) **

Tactics - Apply Your Strengths

Some tips on how to get the best from what you've got!

Tactics - Attacker vs Defender with Long Pimples

By popular demand!

Tactics - Serve, Third Ball and Fifth Ball for Left Handers

For those who are left right out...

Tactics - Beating the Blocker Blues

Are you beating your head against a brick wall?


Training Articles

Back to Base-ics

Greg tells you where to go!

How to Become a Success by Failing

Perfect practice doesn't always make perfect!

The Point of No Return

Is your table tennis game stuck in a rut? Here's what to do to fix it!

Block/Push/Hit style - is it a good idea?

Just do it?

Training with Weaker Players

Just don't do it?

Keep your eye on the ball!

Just view it?

Plan to be Random

Do you just redo it?

Get a Grip

Getting a handle on your grip


Official/Administrator Articles

Building a Better Umpire

How hard can it be?


Player Profiles

May Cho

Spotlight on the Australian Womens' #3

Daniel Morphett

A reader profile

 ** Note to all fans of the Star Wars prequels - I haven't even watched them, but I'm sure they really are fantastic, and even better than the first three movies - or are they the last three? Oh, whatever - it's just a joke, OK?


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Hello Greg,

I'm considering buying a new robot and thought about purchasing the Oukei 2700-S9 one. Have you used this robot or have you heard any positive reviews about it?

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