May Cho - Table Tennis Player Profile

Photo of May Cho

May Cho - Coming off the court after her career best win against Jian Fang Lay!

Photo by: Greg Letts, courtesy Greg's Table Tennis Pages. Hey - that's me!

Date of birth:

17th August 1982

Date started playing:

Date not sure but when I was 13.

How did you get into table tennis?

Well my parents used to play and my brother too. I was swimming competitively before and then I stopped that and then thought why not start playing more table tennis.

Style of play?

Close to the table counter attacking.

Blade/rubbers used?

Zhangyining Blade. Tackifire Special (FH) and Sriver (BH).

Current ranking in Australia?


Current coach?

Bill Oatey and Li Wang Li.

Recent Australian representation?

Latest one was to the Slovenian and Croatian Opens' Protour events.

Do you do coaching?

Yes, once a week with one player and help out with State teams.

What are your goals for the future?

Represent Australia in the 2006 Commonwealth Games (Mel).
Win a National Title.
2008 Olympics.
To continue to play and have fun with it.
Hehehehe.... To play veterans when I'm 40 hehehehe....

What is your best win or best moment in Table Tennis?

Playing really well at the Olympic trials last year and beating Jian Fang Lay at the last Nationals in the Semis.

What is your worst loss or worst disappointment?

Anytime I'm playing bad. I remember at the Commonwealth Games trials for the Manchester Games.

Photo of May Cho

May Cho - ready to go

Photo by: Greg Letts, courtesy Greg's Table Tennis Pages

Who is the player you most admire?

Wang-Nan - well most of the China players for their ability both physically and mentally.

What is the best tip you can give to other players?

Work hard, stay strong and believe. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the game.

What is the best tip you have been given?

All things are possible and to have fun.











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