During my years of running a couple of table tennis websites (here and at About.com), I have been asked a metric ton of questions. And while I do get the occasional new query (and a couple of real headscratchers now and then), on the whole most of the questions I receive are pretty much the same ones. It's not really surprising that table tennis players around the world generally have the same sort of problems they want help with.

I'm going to list the most frequently asked questions I get in this section. But instead of answering the question right here, I'm going to add my answer to the main Guide, and link to it here. That way anybody else reading through the Guide should hopefully find the answers to questions they didn't even know they had yet!

Plus, if it's a question I get asked a lot, it should be covered in the main part of my Guide, don't you think?



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I was curious what kind of robot you use in your video?

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