Robert vs Larry - Player Analysis By Request

Robert vs Larry - Player Analysis By Request - 9 min

I recommend right-clicking one of the the links below and saving the audio file to your computer first, so that you can watch the YouTube video and play the audio file at the same time. Start the audio file first - I've got a small intro and then I'll count you in to starting the YouTube video.

Here is the link to my analysis in a mp3 file version

Here is the link to my analysis in a wma file version

Summary Notes

  • It appears that the choppper is using an inverted rubber on the forehand, and a grippy long pips on the backhand.
  • The defender wants to play backhand chops, so he is waiting in a backhand stance to make that easier.
  • His stance is narrow, with the left foot back.
  • Although I don't think his quality of the backhand chop is all that high (it is more of a chop/block than a real chop), it is at least consistent and repeatable, so he gets a consistent result.
  • He does get decent variation of spin with the backhand chop, using float, medium and heavy spin.
  • The forehand push is quite awkward, both because of his playing the ball from a backhand stance, and because he stays very upright when playing the ball. The same applies to his forehand attack.
  • He does seem to have good knowledge of his game - he seems to know what he can do, and what he can't do, and he mainly sticks with what he can do well, without giving away many cheap points.
  • I don't like Larry's tactics of serving long to the backhand side so often - this is giving Robert exactly the type of serve he wants - a perfect chance to chop the ball with some spin away from the table, in his normal chopping range. Some short serves over the table to bring Robert in, and give Larry the chance to attack while Robert is still close to the table, would be much better tactics.
  • Robert is not over twiddling - he is twiddling occasionally for some variety, but he isn't doing any more than he has to.
  • His roll with the long pips on the backhand is a good tactic - he doesn't try to do too much with the ball, he just uses the long pips to get some change of pace and spin.
  • On his forehand side when chopping, Robert just controls the ball and gets it back on the table, and then tries to get back to his backhand chop with long pips.
  • Larry is playing too much to Robert's stronger backhand - he should be trying to exploit Robert's comparatively weaker forehand side much more often.
  • In this video, the defender is implementing his tactics well using a limited game, while the attacker is not using the best tactics he could choose, which is stopping him from playing as well as he should.


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