Penhold Long Pips vs Backspin

Penhold Long Pips vs Backspin - 15min 27sec

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Summary Notes

Backhand Front View

  • The basic principles of pushing with the penholder grip against backspin with long pips are the same as pushing with the shakehander grip.
  • The penhold backhand drive with long pips is a relatively difficult shot, both because of the long pips and because of the slightly awkward hitting style with long pips.

Forehand Front View

  • Keep the strokes simple and consistent, which makes it easier to find the correct bat angle for each stroke.
  • There is not much wrist being used in the push stroke - it isn't really needed, but it can be used if you wish.
  • On the drive with long pips, I am mainly using the opponent's backspin to produce topspin to bring the ball down, rather than trying to bend the pips a lot by brushing the ball (which would be more of a loop style stroke).

Backhand Side View

  • Because the push stroke is slower than the roll or drive with long pips, I have more time available, so I can get away with stepping in with my right foot to play the stroke. The slower ball speed gives me more time to step back and recover into my ready position.
  • There is not a lot of shoulder turn in any of the backhand strokes, although the right shoulder does come forward a little to give enough room to play the backswing.

Forehand Side View

  • With the penhold grip when driving the ball, it is a little easier to use your wrist and swing speed to drive the ball and bend the pips a bit and produce a little more topspin, in comparison to the penhold backhand stroke. Remember, only a little bending of the pips, or otherwise you risk turning the stroke into a brush loop with long pips, which will be a much slower paced ball.
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