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Much of this information in this Guide will be of interest to everybody, and some will really only be of use to advanced level players. Rather than separating out the advanced level stuff into a different part of the Guide, I'm keeping all the information together and using a few simple techniques to help indicate whether an article contains advanced level content.

greenball 20x20 Green ball - if you see a green ball before a link, you know that it leads to fundamental table tennis concepts that are valuable and of interest to all players.

redball 20x20 Red ball - if you see a red ball before a link, you know that it leads to advanced table tennis concepts that new and low level players may find interesting, but only advanced level players will be able to apply immediately.


Green Box - When a page contains advanced level content, a green box containing  a simple summary of the most valuable concepts will be included for new and low level players.


gttguide quicktipasoft Quick Tip - a useful tip that is worth taking note of, regardless of player level.




gttguide warningasoft Warning -this indicates something to be careful about, such as a complicated concept, or a technique to be used with care, or perhaps a tip that is not suitable for all players or situations. Read with caution.




How the Guide is Organized

Because this Guide is online and not a physical book, I can take advantage of the power of the Internet when organizing it, in order to make things easier to follow.

With most books and online tutorials you need to start at the beginning and slowly work your way through the material one page at a time.

This Guide is arranged differently. I've organized the Guide into separate categories, each of which deals with a particular aspect of table tennis.

Within each category, I'll start with a high level overview, explaining the big picture and outlining the topics contained within each category. For example, the Equipment Category contains an overview of equipment in general, and an explanation of each of the Equipment sub-categories - these being rackets, tables, nets, balls, shoes, glue, robots, home table tennis rooms, and where to buy equipment. Links will be provided to allow you to jump to the sub-category you are interested in.

After you click on a link to go to a particular sub-category, I'll then explain each sub-category in more detail, and offer further links to articles or sub-categories expanding on the topic further, and so on. For example, the Rackets sub-category has further sub-categories of Rubbers, Blades, and Premade Paddles, as well as links to information about whether to use a premade or custom racket, how to choose your first racket, and how to clean and protect your ping-pong paddle.

This way, you can quickly drill down to the information you want, and you can ignore the stuff you aren't interested in.

You'll find a Menu to the Guide on the right hand side of the site, which will always show you where you are within the Guide at any time. You can use this Guide Menu to move up and down through the Guide quickly and easily.



While I am an experienced high level table tennis player, one thing that I have learnt over time is that no one knows it all, or is always right. And sometimes even when we are sure we are correct, a good debate helps clarify and expand our understanding of a topic, since it forces us to examine the reasons why we believe what we do.

So feel free to comment on the various articles, either to agree, disagree, or just to give another point of view.

I also appreciate people pointing out any typos or other goofs you can find in the Guide. I do proof read pretty carefully but those pesky errors still creep in from time to time!


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