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Coming Soon - Expanded Online Coaching Program

Planned Relaunch Date: 1st July 2013

I'm not taking any more students for my online coaching program for the next few months, while I work on the redesign and expansion of the program to include playing with normal inverted rubbers on both sides.

I'll also currently planning to reshoot the existing videos from the currently long pip and antispin coaching program - there is some great information there, but looking back I need to tighten things up to remove a lot of the unnecessary repetition and tangents that I have included in some of the longer videos.

I've been busy doing some coaching with many of our local juniors, and I'm keen to widen the scope of the coaching program to include what I've been passing on to them - and what I've been learning as well!

At the moment I'm thinking of a relaunch around the 1st July 2013. I've yet to give any serious thought about pricing or how I'm going to break up the course - first I've got to hammer out what needs to be included.

I'll keep you posted as things progress.

12 March 2013 - I'm currently thinking about course content and how to improve my delivery of information.


Learn The Advanced Secrets Of Long Pips And Antispin Play From A Combination Bat Master!

Video doesn't play when clicked? Click here to play Greg's Welcome video - 16MB

Are you struggling with your long pips or antispin? Are you not sure what is going to happen when you hit the ball?

Imagine having complete mastery of your long pips or antispin, switching from defense to attack in the blink of an eye, and craftily twiddling your racket to confuse and frustrate your opponent.

In my coaching program, I'll use video to show you the training, techniques and tactics you need to dismantle your opposition. Here's some of the things you'll discover along the way:

  • Learn why long pips and antispin are completely predictable - and how to know exactly what will happen regardless of what spin is on the ball, or what stroke you use.
  • Discover the basic techniques that you will execute to control the ball with your long pips or antispin, and why trying to use inverted rubber techniques with your long pips or antispin doesn't work.
  • Master the art of twiddling your bat in order to confuse your opponent and set up your own attacks.
  • Learn how to smoothly switch between defense and attack at will.
  • Find out how to shut down your opponent's third and fifth ball power attack. Stop getting those balls blasted by you!
  • Explore the fundamentals of combination bat play, and how they naturally lead to more advanced tactics and techniques. And discover just when you have to break the rules!

In my online video coaching program I'll show you exactly how to improve your combination bat play faster than you thought possible. You get the benefit of a one-on-one coach right at your computer!

Justin Han
My long pip tactics drove Justin  Han nuts!
Photo © 2008 Greg Letts

Learn What Really Works Out There On The Table

I used to subscribe to the "more is better" theory when it came to table tennis training. But when I came back to table tennis after treatment for cancer in 2004, I had to scrap many of my old assumptions. I couldn't train harder and longer in order to improve. I didn't have any excess energy to waste on stuff that didn't work. Instead, I had to search for new, more efficient ways to stay competitive while only training a few hours per week.

Nowadays I can compete at the Australian National level while only training a fraction of the hours other top players do. Why? Because I've learned to focus on what really works, and how to make the most of my limited training time.

Greg's Online Long Pips and Antispin Table Tennis Coaching Program

Inside my online coaching program, I’m going to lift the lid on advanced combination bat play, and pass on what I’ve learned in over 20 years of playing high level table tennis.

  • I’ll share my training techniques, my tactics, and my sneaky secrets that have kept me competitive with the top Australian players, brought me to the top of the Australian Veterans scene, and helped me keep improving as I move past 40.
  • I’ll document my mistakes and what they taught me (don't worry, there's plenty to talk about!), and share my successes (and there are few of these as well, thankfully!).
  • I’ll keep you informed about what I’m learning and doing right now as I prepare for the 2012 Australian Open, Australian Veterans, and New Zealand Veterans. You’ll get it straight from my training table to your monitor!
  • Click here to see what I promise to do for you in my coaching program. And also what I expect from you as a member of my coaching group.

This is a video based program. I'm not just going to be writing articles for you to read and then forget - I'm going to be actually showing you the techniques, tactics and training methods that you need to know. Then you need to go out and do it - even one hour a week is enough to start making improvements to your play.

Here’s what you'll get as a member of my online coaching group:

  • Video explanations on long pip and anti tactics and techniques, available in large and small file sizes.
  • Written online summary versions of the videos for easy reference.
  • You can send me videos for analysis of your game, and get my advice on what table tennis tactics and training you would find useful to improve your play.
  • You can ask questions in my forum and receive a detailed, personal reply from me.
  • You'll get access to other coaching group member's questions and my replies - learn from your fellow member's problems and queries!
  • You'll have the ability to discuss my answers or other topics with me and other group members in the forum, or by commenting on the articles themselves.
  • I'll provide video replies to questions that will be of interest to most members.
  • Regular video updates of other table tennis tips, tactics and techniques.
  • And much more! (Here's the outline for the first 6 months of the course.)

Any questions about the course? Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or post a comment at the bottom of the page, and I'll get straight back to you.

Sample Videos From The Online Table Tennis Coaching Program

  • In my coaching program, I demonstrate and discuss long pip, antispin and inverted rubber techniques that you need to master - here's my Long Pips & Antispin vs Backspin (54MB, 24min 21sec) technique demonstration video, and my discussion of Long Pips & Antispin - Basic Push Technique (12.5MB,  6min). These are the small file versions of 428x240 pixels - the larger versions are 856x480 and 1024x576 pixels.
  • There are a number of important concepts that you need to be aware of to play good combination bat table tennis  - here's my video of the concept of playing elbows to demonstrate what I'm talking about - this is the small file version (19MB).
  • You also get the chance to send me videos of yourself and get my advice about your technique and match tactics and what you can do to improve them - here's a technique analysis I did for one of my forum members.
  • These are articles and flash animations rather than videos, but they are very important for all my coaching group members to understand before beginning the program - How Long Pimples Really Work and How Antispin Really Works.
  • Tactics are extremely important for combination bat players - here's where I discuss one of my own recent matches, in which I started badly, adjusted to winning tactics and made a comeback, and then blew it by pushing a winning set of tactics too far! (Small file version - 428x240 pixels - Part 1 - 33MB, Part 2 - 33MB; Large file version - 856x480 pixels -119MB).

Who Is Greg?

Want to know more about me? I was the Guide to the table tennis site from May 2006 to February 2009, and again from November 2009 onwards, and the owner and publisher of Greg's Table Tennis Pages since 2005. You can visit my Who is Greg? page for the full story of my table tennis career - it's not a bad read if you've got a few spare minutes.

Here's some of my recent results:

  • Ranked #3 in the O/40 Order of Merit at the 2010 New Zealand Veteran's Championships, playing as a two winged looper with inverted rubber on both sides.
  • Ranked #2 in the O/40 Order of Merit at the 2010 Australian Veteran's Championships, playing as a close to the table aggressive combination bat player with long pips, a completely new style for me.
  • Ranked equal #2 in the O/40 Order of Merit at the 2011 New Zealand Veteran's Championships, playing with my "lollipop grip" (an extreme grip I was using due to a number of physical aches and pains I was suffering from).
  • Ranked #2 in the O/40 Order of Merit at the 2011 Australian Veteran's Championships, playing a mixture of attack and defence with a conventional grip again. I was the runner up in the O/40 Men's Singles, and won the Gold Medal in the O/40 Men's Doubles with Craig Campbell .  I also won the Table Tennis World award for the best male player in the O/40 age group. You can check out my win in the O/40 Mens's Singles Semifinal against Wayne Heginbotham on YouTube.
  • I was the runner up in the O/40 Men's Singles and O/40 Mixed Doubles at the 2012 New Zealand Veteran's Championships, and ranked #3 in the O/40 Order of Merit. You can check out my Test Match game against eventual winner Malcolm Darroch on YouTube.

Here's a few sample videos of me playing at the Australian Open in pre-veteran times.

2008 - Greg vs Justin Han (current Australian top 3 player)  - Game 1 (12MB).

2007 - Greg vs Paul Pinkewich (30MB) - check out the twiddling from both of us!

2005 - Greg vs Kamalesh Tharmasuthan (World ranking #849 in September 2005) (~24MB)

2005 - Greg vs Chamara Fernando (World ranking #593 in December 2008) (~18MB)

Are You Ready To Get Started?

You can join my online coaching program and enjoy all the above benefits for $25 Australian per month for the 6 months of current content.

So if you want to use your long pips or antispin successfully without having to be superfit, supertalented, or train long hours, and you want to become part of my coaching group and hang out in my program (we're all nice guys, I promise!), then subscribe to my online coaching course using the PayPal button below.


Important Note: Once you join my coaching program, PayPal sends me an email to let me know I have a new member. I'll then email you to ask you what username and login you will like. It may take me a few hours to reply to you - I do have to sleep (and play table tennis) sometime!

Remember - if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to use the comment section below, and I'll get straight back to you.


0 #1 free nowguguz 2012-05-31 03:35
please free trial make.
+1 #2 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGreg Letts 2012-05-31 03:36
Sorry - my Coaching Test Group is full! :'( But I will post the occasional article or video from the course to tempt people to sign up! Or you could sign up for the coaching course using the PayPal button above, and see how you like it - you don't have to pay anything until March.
+1 #3 Coaching ProgramNoel926 2012-05-31 04:19
Do accept students from the US?...I was about to join the group but when I got to the Pay Pal page, under 'state' 'territory' it did not list the state from which I am from (Florida) so I am hesistant to join mainly from a security standpoint...

Would I be able to send a personal check instead?
0 #4 US StudentsGreg Letts 2012-05-31 04:20
Yes, I accept students from the US and anywhere else that PayPal works. Currently I have students using PayPal from around the world, including the US, Australia, UK and Canada. :-)

It probably doesn't list Florida since I'm in Australia, so it defaults to an Aussie setup.

I'm sticking to PayPal only payments since it makes everything much easier to handle. Plus the bank fees for foreign checks here in Australia are outrageous, and they take 30 business days to clear. :sad:
+1 #5 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGQ 2012-05-31 04:21
Is there anything like this for the player who doesn't use long-pips and anti-spin? I looked at your sample items, and if I used this style of play, you could count me in. Seems like some really great content.
+1 #6 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGQ 2012-05-31 04:22
I haven't heard of anything similar for normal rubber players. I've played as a two winged looper in the past (quite successfully too!), but I figured that most normal rubber players should be able to find a real-world coach without too much trouble, whereas it's very hard for long pip and antispin players to get advanced coaching from a coach who has actual long pip and antispin experience.

That said, I'm happy to have normal rubber players join the course, and there will be plenty of content that relates to normal rubber players - the fundamentals of table tennis apply to all styles really - and you could ask me questions too of course!

Anyway, providing that this program proves to be popular - and it's looking good so far smilies/grin.gif - I'm thinking of asking a top Australian player to run a similar setup for normal rubber players. But that's all just thoughts and dreams at the moment.

(This was originally written back in Feb 2009, things were a bit different back then!)
-1 #7 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramSarn Yung-Hon 2012-05-31 04:23
do you except singaporean students?
+1 #8 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGreg Letts 2012-05-31 04:24
Yeah sure, provided you've got Internet access to download the videos, and can make the payments via PayPal, then no problems.
0 #9 Chinese penholder: error (?) in playing elbow videoRick 2012-05-31 04:26
A bit late to the game here, but I took a look at your playing elbow video. It was very useful, except that your terminology seems a bit misleading. You talk (at around the 4' mark) about "Chinese penholders" and then go on to demonstrate the traditional penhold grip. Sure, that style originated in China, so it's not technically incorrect; but usually when we add the word "Chinese" to "penholder" we're suggesting a contrast with the Japanese/Korean style, hinting at occasional or exclusive use of RPB.

No argument with the substance, BTW, and I'm grateful that you took the time to go into detail and discuss people like Ma Lin and Wang Hao.
0 #10 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGreg Letts 2012-05-31 04:27
I'm using the term "Chinese penholder" in a traditional manner, as it was understood long before the RPB made its mark. This differentiates between the Chinese vs Japanese/Korean grip by the placement of the fingers on the back of the racket, not by whether a RPB is being used or not. The Chinese grip gave more flexibility and adjustability of racket angles on the backhand, but with a little less forehand power, and the backhand was mainly used to push/block close to the table - such as Jiang Jialang or Chen Longcan. The Japanese/Korean grip gave more forehand power, but less flexibility on the backhand, and often had a backhand topspin stroke with a stiffer wrist being used from further away, such as Yoo Nam Kyu, Kim Taek Soo or Hiroshi Saitoh.

I tend to call the RPB grip a RPB grip, although it does use a similar grip to the Chinese Penholder grip.

And then you get someone like Ma Lin who plays a mix of both styles at times!
0 #11 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramAlbert Wood 2012-07-11 20:46
Aged 76 played TT at good local league level all my life. Now also play VETTS. Back operation and two Total Hip Replacements has made me a bit slow. Have used LP and Antispin. Currently using Grass DTECS OX BH and Tenergy 1.9 64 FH. Dr Neubeur Defence blade. My style of play has been chop way from the table with heavy chop spin Forehand plus counter hitting. I can hit with LP against underspin on BH. I have been out of match play for five years. Due to my restricted movement I now need to play closer to the table. I am having problems blocking close to the table which I am working on. The points I am losing when I really have control of the game is receiving nothing sort of short serves and my own service. What type of service best to use. Inverted or LP. I do tend to use heavy chop from FH. The problem is with all practice the service is generally just to get ball into play. My style of play is very similar to yours. Any advice would be helpfull.
I play my TT in England.
+1 #12 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching Programsimon batley 2012-08-18 02:22
hi greg,
im interested in checking out yr first month training vid, but 'ahem' i cant work out how to get it! is there something to simply click on? if there is i cant find it.
could you let me know pls?
also i am interested in some actual real life training, with a human, but not sure how i can hook up with a trainer. i am a member of fremantle, and play regularly at the samson rec centre, but want to improve. i am 51 yrs old and have good speed and reflex, but need help with footwork and shot choice and etc etc etc.
look forward to hearing from you,
cheers, sim
+1 #13 RE: Greg's Online Table Tennis Coaching ProgramGreg Letts 2012-08-20 06:45
Quoting simon batley:
hi greg,
im interested in checking out yr first month training vid, but 'ahem' i cant work out how to get it! is there something to simply click on? if there is i cant find it.
could you let me know pls?
also i am interested in some actual real life training, with a human, but not sure how i can hook up with a trainer. i am a member of fremantle, and play regularly at the samson rec centre, but want to improve. i am 51 yrs old and have good speed and reflex, but need help with footwork and shot choice and etc etc etc.
look forward to hearing from you,
cheers, sim

Hi sim, there is a link at the top of the page to go to the website, but I'll just repeat it here: Click on that link and you'll see the Month 1 outline page - the username and password to use to get the videos is up at the top in red text.

I think Dennis Chen is still doing personal coaching - he lives in Mt Pleasant so that might be near enough for you. I don't have his contact details, but you can contact the WATTA centre on 9470 1830 and I'm sure they can pass his number on to you.

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