Mark Smith Coaching Videos

Mark Smith Coaching Videos

Look and Learn from the Voice of Experience
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Sorry - the Mark Smith Coaching Videos are no longer available for purchase.


I was fortunate enough to be present with my trusty videocamera when Mark Smith, a leading English table tennis coach, conducted a series of coaching seminars in my hometown of Perth.

Now you too can benefit from Mark's experience, as I have these seminars available for you to buy on DVD Each seminar is over 2 hours, and covers the following topics:

Seminar 1: Coaching Table Tennis Beginners (2 DVD set, over 2 hours footage)

DVD 1: Introduction, Grip Technique, Wrist Movement, Teaching Ball Control, Spinning the Ball, Forehand Topspin Technique, Backhand Topspin Technique

DVD 2: Backhand Push, Forehand Push, Drills for Beginners - Regular and Irregular, Watching the Ball and Awareness on the Table, Service Tactics and Techniques, Return of Service Tactics and Techniques

Seminar 2: Advanced Table Tennis Coaching Topics (2 DVD set, over 2 and a half hours footage)

DVD 1: Introduction, Grip Technique, Ball Control, Forehand Topspin Technique, Backhand Topspin Technique, Watching the Ball and Anticipation, Increasing Power in Your Strokes, Pushing - Use of Wrist and Footwork

DVD 2: Footwork Exercises - Regular and Irregular, Use of Body Lean During Rallies vs Use of Footwork, Recovery Positions, Service Tactics and Techniques, Return of Serve Tactics and Techniques, 3rd and 5th Ball Attacks, Strength Training for Table Tennis, Use of Robots, Multiball vs Robots

Sample Clips from the Advanced Topics DVDs:
Serving - 20MB
Pushing/The Short Game/The Outcome of Every Shot - 20MB

Important Note: The first hour and a half of the Advanced Coaching Seminar has some background noise of players playing in the background - the last part is noise free. Most people have no trouble hearing Mark over the noise, but just in case here is a sample video so you can listen for yourself and see whether your ears are up to the job. And sorry, I don't have the technology to remove the background noise! How to Learn to Loop - 4MB

Purchasing and Prices


I'm selling each 2 DVD seminar set for $33 Australian plus postage of $4 Australian. Since there is some overlap between the two seminars, I'll sell the complete 4 DVDs for $44 Australian plus postage of $4 Australian. If you just want the one set, I'd personally recommend the Advanced Topics seminar, since the Coaching Beginners is more of a 'how to coach new players' approach. DVDs are available in PAL or NTSC format.

Both Seminars
($48 Aus)

Advanced DVDs Only
($37 Aus)

Beginner's DVDs Only
($37 Aus)


If you use the PayPal buttons above, you'll notice that you are taken to a PayPal page for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - that's because I've authorised One of a Kind Trading to sell the DVDs for me, and this is the PayPal account we are sharing. Receiving orders, copying DVDs and posting them was starting to take up too much of my time, so Alex of One of a Kind Trading is kindly looking after all that for me!


If you prefer to download the seminars instead of waiting for DVDs to arrive, I have set up access to download them via http:// or ftp://. I've got full details on how to download them here.

Note: Just want to make it clear - you get the downloads instead of the DVDs, not as well as the DVDs. That's why they are cheaper - because I don't have to go to the trouble of making a DVD set and sending them off via postage.

If you don't like PayPal, please go to the One of a Kind Trading online shop, and make your purchase from there (the difference in price is because I have already added the postage onto the price, while One of a Kind Trading add the $4 postage in afterwards).


0 #1 Helloratiwan 2012-12-24 11:58
Hi. I am ratiwan from Thailand.You are great coach.I understand that you explain table-tennis technic.I would like to ask something.How can I hit a ball in a right acting? Thank you.
0 #2 Table Tennis CoachingAlok Gupta 2013-01-21 07:51
Hi Mark,
I am from India and my two children aged 13 and 10 years would like to pursue Table Tennis further. Do you have a programme for training children to take them to the highest level.

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